Friday, 17 January 2014

A Beautiful Stranger by Katharine McPhee

i kept playing this song over and over again everyday. and i can;t help myself not to share it  here..
i dont know, if the melodies,the singer or the lyrics caught me but i love this song!
it makes me feel something strange and some of  the memories kept flashing..

Thursday, 9 January 2014

happy 6th birthday to my lil bandit!!

my lil bandit rein hayden is celebrating his 6th birthday!
give some hurray! hurray!
he's my second nephew and my godson.
and one of my most favorite kid in the world!!
before he was born, i made a vow that i'll protect and care him in a best way that i can.
the same vow that i made when his older brother was born, and i promise 3 times more when ryztof, their younger brother was born.
i love them so much.
even they made kulit and pasaway sometimes..hehehehe (typical kid)
i;ll be here for all of you until forever!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

11:12:13 Random Thoughts part 1

for almost a weeks, there's so many things happened that i need to voice out, give time to express feelings that untold or unsaid. mixed randoms moments that needs to open up.
i regret for losing times to write down all those experience and random thoughts that filled my jars. eh di sana marami akong binabalikan para sariwain, pero im here now to list some of it and to share some of it.

maybe some that would read of this may know this someone that been leading my previous article.
sya lagi bida eh. she's a friend that i been lost contacts for many months, a bestfriend that i did had a silent feud before, i did lost tracks because of her, marami akong kinalimutan,madaming mahahalagang moment ang pinilit kong ibaon. maramin pagkakataon na inalis ko sya s abuhay ko, but i end up back in track again with her.may malalim akong pinaghugutan para gawin ang bagay na yun, pero dumating pa din yung point na  bumabalik pa din kami sa dating kami. to make all of you understand who im talking about. i'll give you a lil hints, she's a best friend i thought a best friend to me, someone whom i can count on too in times i needed her most, but she end up turning her back on me. i learned to move on, i learn to forget her, there are times that i didn't include her in my friends list anymore. but times goes by, time heals all wounds even though i didn't cure myself, it healed by itself. though the scar are still there and time to time i feel the pain, but still i learnd to forgive her and  start to going back to track again, sometimes i wonder why it's easy for me to forgive her compare to others that i count times or look for the times to forgive them, what is so small special to her compare to others? why people like me who has a pride above myself, easy to take it low down after all we been through? maybe because i learned to count the  good things over one bad things  that she done.
i learned to open different circumstances and lead it to positive point to earn the brighter sides of the word "friendship"

random 2
i had this dilemna about a friend again, masyado kasi  syang complicated.
i had this attitude "im a person with a pride above myself but i know when and to whom i put it down"
kung sobrang below the belt na, kung sobrang niyurakan na ang pagkatao mo, kung ilang daan masamang salita na sinabi sayo ng paulit ulit bibigyan mo ba agad sya ng pagkakataon para sirain ka ulit? bibigyan mo ba sya agad ng pagkkataon na gawin nya ulit sayo yun? aba teka, maghunus dili kana, ibang usapan na yun diba, iba ang TANGA sa MABAIT, at iba din ang ANGHEL sa IMPAKTANG UGALI. reality check hindi tayo nabubuhay sa unang panahon, wala na yung taong walang alam  kung paano itama ang pagkakamali, nabubuhay tayo sa mundo kung saan kaya natin alamin at pakibagayan ang tama at mali. hindi ko sinasabing mali ang magpatawad, na mali ang magbigay ng second chance. ang punto ko lang eh matuto ka sa bagay na iyong ipinagkamali noon. mahalaga ang salitang pakikisama, mahalaga ang salitang patawad, pero ang sakit na dulot ng isang nagawa ay mahirap kalimutan,  kasi dito ka nya ihuhulma sa tama mong daan. isang maling desisyon maraming apektado,,ok sana kung tunay ngang kasayahan ang madadama mo.
maaraing nasisilaw ka sa makamundo nilang buhay, at kaya mong kalimutan ang  naging madilim mong dinanaan na sila ang may kagagawan, at handa kang kalimutan ang mumunting kutitap ng alitaptap na nooy iyong naging gabay upang makaalpas ka dilim na iyong kinalagyan, sabi nga " sa pagiging mapamili ng isang tao sa magaganda at naglalakihang kumikinang na bato sa kanyang dinadaanan, hindi nya nabibigyan ng pansin ang pagkislap ng isang dyamante sa kanyang harapan.

random 3:
the real secret of happiness is not what you have or receive. it's what you share and give. maybe im not blessed to material things but im so blessed with people that push me to be better. im not perfect to lot of things but i had this courage to turn the negative into positive sides. maybe i don't have penny in my pocket but i can selfless a smile.

random 4
i read in  blogsite about this perfect couple. people can call them perfect family, they have successful career. all things written for them are all praises because they really look like perfect. but behind those persona there's a bad side most specially the wife hidden on her smiling face, here's the story, because their influential people they can easily conduct fund raising events for the needy. constituent gave without hesitation coz they know it's for the good cause. ending of the event, they earned almost millions. so it means lot's of needy people can have this in-kinds from goodhearted constituent of this influential couple. but in times of distributions,  most half of the money is missing and what is left was named to the couple as a sole giver of those amount. what the heck happened? where's the half of donation went? and why the put their name as a sole giver where they didn't donate a single penny? upon reading the story i lost my admiration to them. all the good words written for them has doubt. they're a preacher, they are the leader of this christian group but it turns out what they share about good things is not working in them. *sigh* a perfect couple turns out to be an ugly couple.

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” 
― Marilyn Monroe

Friday, 26 July 2013

my sweet purple (gaga version)

sometimes i wonder why our path crossed? why simple things becomes so complicated? why two right person can't be together? and why things becomes so hard even though it's twice as lighter as a sheet of paper? things keep running through my mind, i have a lots of why's, what's, how's and when's, but from this moment, i still dont have any idea how to lessens all those questions.
given by those happy moments that i got to know you,that i got the chance to express somethings that i usually hide, for the memories that's worth to keep and to live with it. for those times that  i give myself a chance to open up somethings to conquer the fear of agony.
arrrrggg my sweet purple, you gave so much poisons to my lazy brains!!! hehehehehehe
my mind spin just for only you!
you messed my world!
you brighten my sadness
you broke my heart for sometimes,
you made me happy from time to time
you stole my dreams alone and you let yourself in
you sorround yourself in my heart and leave it in times you want to go out!
you made me crazy gaga!
you let me to rock the world

and damn it for messing my mind because of you!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


One day I hope to meet an imperfect man who will seem perfect to me from time to time.
He will not be the best I have ever met, but he will be great when I need him to be.
He will hold my hand when we cross the street and make sure I stay on the safe side of the road.
He will kiss me goodnight before I go to sleep, and he will kiss me torridly when I don’t want to sleep.

He will wake me up with a pat on my leg and once in a while surprise me with breakfast in bed.
He will argue with me, taunt me, frustrate me, but he will also let me win without having to tell me.

He will cradle me when I need to be babied, respect me when I need to feel big, and scold me when I make a big mistake.
He will sing to me when quiet makes me lonely, and remain quiet when noise makes me mad.
He will not always read me correctly, but he will always make his best guess.
His timing will often be off when calculating my moods, but when he does find that perfect moment, he will make it one that I will never forget.

He will touch me when my heart is cold and cool me down when my head is hot.
He will see through my Tupperware expressions and detect my tears before they fall.
He will understand many things I am saying with my eyes, but sometimes he will pretend he doesn’t see them at all.
He will hurt me time and again, but he will ask to be forgiven just as often. He will lose his temper because he is human, but he will always strive to become a better man.

He will falter and fall and make mistakes, but he will also rise above himself.
He will hold open a door for me, although sometimes he will forget.
He will order me around, but will bow when I resist. He will take me to a bar, dance with me, go wild with me, but he will also escort me to the theater to watch a play he never really wanted to see.
He will go shopping with me, but he will roll his eyes only when I am inside the fitting room, not when I can see him.
He will stand by me at the cosmetics corner, and pretend he’s not bothered by the shade of purple I am trying on.
He will laugh at me, not just with me, to remind me not to take myself too seriously.
He will tell me the whole truth when I am ready for it, but he will be ready with his half-truths when that’s what I should hear.
He will make me realize that I need him, but only up to half as much as he needs me.
He will make me admit that I want him, but only after he professes how he feels about me.
He will bring out the best and the worst in me, but he will stick with me always.
One day I will meet an imperfect man.
He will love me, and I will love him wholeheartedly.

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email sent by my BFF

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Oasis - Champagne Supernova Lyrics.wmv

"a way of saying i love you"

few days ago, there's one particular moment that i would never ever forget in my entire life.
for that moment, my whole nerve shake, i can't even control nor touch the  wheel motor that im riding in. in an instant i can almost fall, in an instant i can almost witness my most tragic accident in my own very bold eyes. God is really good coz  he's with us (old man) on that particular  moment. HE saves us!

maybe you're wandering what im talking about. let me tell you that story.

last Saturday morning, my cousin anne invited me to stroll, riding our motorbikes. i did say yes, coz i have my own errands after that, so i invited my other cousin to come with me.
we're almost ready, when someone interrupted us, she asked favor to anne to buy some broom sticks nearby, anne say yes, and told me to wait. i obliguely say yes to her coz i forgot my coin purse in my room.
while waiting to them i ran to my room and get my money. i wait them at my sisters store. riding my motorbikes, i saw an old man carrying a laundry basket with full of ripe big papayas in his back.
though i love papaya, but it's not the main reason why i stopped the oldman. i bought 1 papaya to him to lessen his carrying. liking to eat papaya is only my 2nd reason.
anne came, and she bought 1 too. (i kinda relief for the old man coz i more big papaya lessen his carrying.

anne told me that she was ready to go,,and i said "ok me too" lets go!"
she turned her bikes first. and i'm on my turn.
out of the sudden, a big truck is coming, and the oldmn didn't noticed it.
he walk on the same area where the big truck is going.
and he was coming between me and the big trucks!

i didn't think anything at that moment, i pull the old man with my, not thinking of those more than 20 kilos of papaya would fall on me with the old man, i didn't mind i would fall with my motorbikes on the road, i didn't mind that i can encounter  a big accident mess.  what i thought is i save the old man being hitted by big trucks, no matter what happen to us.

you can imagine in a split of second everything would be turned into blurred, everything would turned into darkness. if i didn't pull the old man, he might died in front of me and a carnal way. he's small at his age, he was 67, selling others harvest to earn very little, he carried more than 20 kilos of papayas to nearby town to earn few. and imagine a 10 wheeler dump trucks hit him..what's gonna happen to him?

after i pulled the old man, he said thank you on me.
but still im shock, i almost lost my enerygy, i feel my body shaking, i feel  numb in few seconds and i almost cried for what happen..i feel rewinding the moment if i didn't pulled him. he might died in not so nice way in front of me,,i thought of havig a phobia.
but one is very clear in me,  GOD is with us.
HE saves us.
HE let me think what's best in seconds in order for old man and i to be saved.
HE never put fear in me instead he gave me courage  and clear mind to understand what's the meaning of life.
HE loves us.